Conference calls for a Down Under delegate

Matthew Frater
Matthew Frater

The search is on for a north Northumberland delegate to go Down Under this autumn.

Glendale Agicultural Society is looking for someone to represent it at the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth’s (RASC) Common Agricultural Conference in Australia.

As a member of the RASC, the society can nominate an individual from the area as a Next Generation candidate to attend the conference from October 21 to 24 in Brisbane.

The successful person will get an in-depth look at the issues facing primary production in south-east Queensland in the farming and agricultural industry, and the challenges and opportunities for agricultural shows, with seminars from expert speakers. Also attending will be RASC president The Princess Royal.

The successful candidate will be under the age of 40, with an involvement in agriculture who also has the potential to contribute to the long-term face of agriculture in the region, the country and the Commonwealth.

During the conference, the RASC coordinates a separate Next Generation forum where future leaders of the Commonwealth agricultural societies discuss related issues.

Simon Orpwood, from Glendale Agricultural Society (GAS) and a trustee of the Commonwealth Agricultural Society, said: “We are looking for a candidate with an abundance of enthusiasm and interest in the agricultural sector.

“The delegate will be interested in becoming a future leader with a commitment to the development of the industry and the United Kingdom.

“Anyone is welcome to apply from a game keeper to a farm advisor. This is a career development opportunity not to be missed.”

Candidates should be nominated by Friday, June 20. Anyone interested can email

Two years ago, Matthew Frater, of Boulmer Hall Farm, attended the biennial conference in Zambia on behalf of GAS.

He said: “It truly was a fantastic networking opportunity and it demonstrated to me the diversity of the agricultural industry and the opportunities it has for young people.

“I would urge any young person involved in the agriculture industry in the area to seize this opportunity from the GAS with both hands.”