Company can help with wills and estates

Peter Marriott-Lodge
Peter Marriott-Lodge

A new consultancy business has opened its doors in Alnwick, headed by a man with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Peter Marriott-Lodge has set up Marriott-Lodge Consultancy, specialising in will writing and estate work to help make sure more people have the chance to decide who receives their estates when they die.

Peter, a member of the Society of Will Writers, ran Marriott-Lodge, Scott Financial Management, which was primarily an investment company, and Heritage Consultancy, which specialised in estate and will writing, up until around 10 years ago.

At that time both companies were based in Morpeth.

Peter and his late wife Tracy then moved to South Africa where he opened Marriott-Lodge Business Consultants.

But sadly Tracy was diagnosed with cancer and the cojuple returned to the UK prior to her death in January last year.

Now Peter is getting back into business and has set up the company in Alnwick.

And he wants to reach out to people who think they don’t need a will.

He said: “An up-to-date valid will is probably the most important document to which you will ever put your signature.

“I hear people saying ‘I don’t need a will, when I die it all goes to my wife/husband and then the children.’

“If the children are below the age of majority (18), who will be their guardian and have access to all of your estate?

“If you do not have a will, a court will appoint someone. This could be a member of your family and might be the last person in the world you would choose to have this responsibility, but how would the court know that?”

Peter is also able to advise people on inheritance tax regulations and establishing power of attorney.

To find out more, contact Peter on 01665578170 or 07771905936.