Children get fired up for art with Lorna

Artist Lorna Watkinson with some painted tiles. Picture by Keith Newman
Artist Lorna Watkinson with some painted tiles. Picture by Keith Newman

Hundreds of pupils have had a brush with the art world, thanks to the creative talents of a north Northumberland woman whose pottery painting business is firing up interest in the educational and corporate world.

Lorna Watkinson, from Warkworth, took redundancy after working for 17 years for Procter and Gamble in the media-advertising department to start her own business, Rainbow Pottery Painting, in 2012.

Her mobile pottery-painting studio goes wherever her customers need her and lately she has had a large amount of success across schools in Northumberland, Newcastle and North Tyneside. 

The latest project at West Jesmond Primary School is her largest to date with 587 children painting their own interpretations of famous artists’ work on ceramic tiles, which Lorna fired in her own kiln.

She said: “My sessions are so much more than simply decorating a piece of pottery.

“The art project was linked into the curriculum and every workshop is based on experiential learning. The pupils have a lot of fun creating their own masterpiece but they are also learning about textures, colour and the pottery process itself. Couple this with the educational content and each session becomes a complete learning experience for the youngsters.

“My work is very versatile. Although this project was about art, I can cover any aspect of the curriculum including history and maths.

“The process for each workshop is very similar whether it’s for a class of 30 or a whole school. It’s a fun way to learn and the experience helps the child to retain key information.”

Lorna also takes her workshops to community groups, care homes and small businesses. She is also working with larger corporate businesses to provide team building and staff development sessions.