Championship’s top dog

THE Northumberland Sheep Dog League held its final nursery trial for the season at Whitfield on Sunday.

Keith Preston, from Stow, judged 18 dogs working Swaledale hoggs that needed firm handling to control them over a large flat course.

Results: 1 Paul Turnbull, from Rothbury, with Roy, 86/100pts; 2 Tony Iley, from Longframlington, Strike, 75; 3 Tony Iley, Scout, 72; 4 Alan Wallace, from Bellingham, Flash, 68; 5 Bevis Jordan, from Whitfield, Pearl, 65; 6 Scott Smith, from Seahouses, Kim, 65.

Novice prize went to Jane Wynne, from Capheaton, with Fly, 61.

The highest placed dogs over the nursery season then went on to compete in a league championship final, working a larger number of sheep over a more demanding course.

Results: 1 Tony Iley, Strike, 91/110; 2 Paul Turnbull, Roy, 89; 3 Bevis Jordan, Pearl, 85; 4 Alan Wallace, Flash, 84; 5 Ron Macrae, from Netherwitton, Coal, 83; 6 Tony Iley, Scout, 82; 7 Scott Smith, Kim, 80; 8 Alan Clark, Longhoughton, Cap, retired.