Border Livestock Exchange, week ending October 25

Border Livestock Exchange, to week ending October 25, sold 153 Prime Cattle including 48 Cows; 4,410 Prime Sheep including 595 Ewes; 2,323 Store and Breeding Sheep; 155 Store and Breeding Cattle.

Aberdeen Angus Steers and Heifers proved plentiful but still maintained significant premiums selling to 440p per kg. Continentals regained some momentum selling to 422p per kg and £1,655 for Scotch Steers and Heifers to 414p per kg. British Steers sold to 395p per kg and £1,712 per head and Heifers to 395p per kg also. Cull Cows to 330p per kg Borewell, Berwick upon Tweed and £1,297 from Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso. Dairy Cows to 285p per kg Lowick Northfield, Berwick upon Tweed and £1,119 per head.

Lamb numbers are tightening and trade shows signs of firming as numbers tighten up.

Standard Lambs (16 – 21kgs) sold to 395p per kg and £83. Hill Lambs to 385p per kg and £80.85 and a flat rate of 345p per kg for small (under 13kg) horned Lambs. Organic Lambs selling to 410p per kg. Cull Ewe trade showed marked improvement particularly for Hill Ewes which sold to £63 for Blackfaced. Mules to £60 and Continental Ewes to £90.

Store Lambs continue to sell well with strong lambs and longer keeping types keenly sought after. Stock Lleyn Ewes to £105 and Mule Gimmers to £125.