Big changes for quarry and mine operators

Andrew Rollo, head of energy at George F White.
Andrew Rollo, head of energy at George F White.

The recent changes to UK water abstraction legislation are expected to have a huge impact on quarry, mine and construction operators.

Under the rules of the Water Resources Act 1991, operators must now hold a formal licence to legally abstract over 20m3/day for activities that were previously exempt. This includes de-watering of mines, quarries and engineering works, and all forms of irrigation. The changes are part of the Government-backed initiative to manage our water resources more effectively and reduce impact on the environment.

Andrew Rollo, head of energy at Alnwick-based George F White, said: “It’s a major shake-up for construction and mining firms as any new license required can take up to four months to secure.

“Planning ahead is therefore absolutely critical as failure to follow the new legislation will leave companies facing increased costs and delays which is the last thing you want with large-scale operations and time-critical projects.”

To discuss the changes and how it affects current projects, contact Andrew on andrewrollo or 01665 603231.