Amble mum launches own brand of furniture paint

Sarah Weightman with her Everlong paint.
Sarah Weightman with her Everlong paint.

A Northumberland shabby chic specialist has launched her own brand of paint for professional and amateur furniture up-cyclers.

Sarah Weightman, who runs Everlong in Amble, worked with a North East paint manufacturer to create the new paint – a non-toxic and durable coating specially formulated for the furniture market.

She said: “I have my own business taking commissions to up-cycle furniture for clients and I’d used various different brands of paint, some of which were good and some which weren’t so good.

“But all of them had some flaws and I realised I could do better. It’s taken more than a year to get the exact formula right and Everlong has been through a thorough series of tests to ensure it’s up to the job.

“It’s been left in the sunshine and even dried with hairdryers to see how it fared, and painted on to wood, metal and plastic.”

The new Everlong, Superior Finish Paint, which is child-safe, contains no toxins and complies with the EN71 safety standard, was created entirely in the North East.

It is available in 23 colours, many of which have regional references in their names including Amble Sea, a dark blue, Castle Keep, a warm grey named after Warkworth Castle, and Duchess, a vibrant pink, named in honour of the Duchess of Northumberland.

Everything is produced locally from the paint to the labels and, unlike other brands, it needs no wax to seal it, something which people find a real chore to do.

Sarah had been a keen creator of shabby chic furniture for a number of years when she decided to give up her job in newspaper advertising to concentrate on her gift shop and up-cycling business full-time in August 2013.

In addition to taking commissions, she also runs free workshops for people keen to prepare and paint their own furniture.

Sarah firmly believes that people shouldn’t have to have money to learn a new skill and as a result her free workshops have opened up the world of furniture painting to a whole host of new customers.

Sarah’s new paint is rapidly gaining suppliers all over the UK and in Holland and the USA.

Locally, she has outlets in Alnwick, Belford and Heaton, as well as her own shop in Amble.

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