Acklington Mart (Thursday, December 11)

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 59 prime cattle, including 17 cows and 1,973 sheep, comprising of 1,408 lambs and 565 cast ewes.


Ewes to their dearest yet with all classes sort after. Overall average: £77.

Tex: 126 Startup, 120 Fenham Hill; 107 Clarabad Mill; 102 Newton Red House; 98, 96, 95 Shipley Hill; 96 East Thirston. Suff-x: 104 Fenham Hill, South Lyham; 101 Howick Estates; 100, 98 Percy Farms; 98 Newton Red House. HB: 100, 96 Brandon; 88, 84 Doxford. Mule: 90 South Lyham; 90 West Newton; 88 Shipley Hill; 84 Redsteads. BFL: 90, 80 Halterburn. Chev: 86, 80 Percy Farms; 85 South Rennington; 82 North Swinhoe. BF: 64 Harehope. Swale: 58 Donkin Rigg.


Tex: 112 White House Folly; 102 Broad Meadows; 100 Blagdon Burn. Suff: 118 Blagdon Burn. Chev: 102, 100 East Ditchburn.


Good fleshed lambs were good to sell, leaner types less, in line with national trends.

Suff-x: 105 Pasture House; 97.50 South Rennington; 96 Doxford, South Bellshill; 95.50, 95 Make Me Rich. Beltex: 105 Clarabad Mill; 99, 95.50 Percy Farms. Texel: 98 Beal Bank; 97 Redsteads; 95.50 Ferneybeds, Whittingham Grange; 95 South Bellshill.

Beltex: 245p, 228p, 205p, 202p Glanton Town; 229p Lilburn Estates; 220p Watch Hill; 210p Pasture House; 209p Riplington, Lumbylaw; 208p Percy Farms, Shaw House; 207p Whittingham Grange; 200p East Thirston; 206p High Learchild. Texel: 213p, 207p, 206p South Carter Moor; 211p, 200p Trewhitt Steads; 208p Middle Duddo; 205p, 201p Thrunton Red House; 204p South Rennington; 202p Craster Heugh. Chev 208p South Broomford.


AA-x str: 1457 Startup. Lim-x str: 1387, 1323, 1315, 1257 Make Me Rich; 1,372 South Acton. Lim-x hfr: 1370 East Coldside; 1246, 1222, 1198 High Highlaws. Char-x hfr: 1,247 Warton. Lim bulls: 1216, 1208 Herds House.

Lim-x hfr: 227.5p, 225.5p, 224.5p High Highlaws; 210.5p Make Me Rich; 209.5p East Coldside. Lim-x str: 211.5p, 210.5p, 209.5p, 207.5p, 200.5p (2) Make Me Rich; 208.5p South Acton. SD hfr: 210.5p Warton. Char-x hfr: 204.5p Warton. Lim bulls: 205.5p Herds House.


A mixed show of cows, every bit as dear, to average 105p per kilo.

SD: 1122, 1008, 977 (121.5p, 119.5p x 2) Lumbylaw. Here-x 1030 (119.5p) Houndalee. Sim-x: 867 (117.5p) Startup. Lim-x: 825 (111.5p) Elyhaugh.