Acklington Mart, October 16

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 62 prime cattle and 2,710 sheep, comprising of 2,206 lambs and 504 ewes.


Flesh again in short supply but a good trade throughout.

Lim-x str: 1433, 1347, 1344 Blagdon Burn; 1361, 1311 Make Me Rich; 1357 Ferneybeds. Char-x hfr: 1319 Blagdon Burn. Lim-x hfr: 1302 South Bellshill; 1296, 1272, 1267 High Highlaws. Lim-x bulls: 1325, 1278 Elyhaugh.

Lim-x str: 233.5p Blagdon Burn; 209.5p (2) Make Me Rich. Lim-x hfr: 229.5p, 217.5p High Highlaws; 222.5p, 215.5p Make Me Rich; 221.5p, 211.5p Blagdon Burn; 213.5p South Bellshill. Char-x hfr: 214.5p Thrunton; 211.5p Blagdon Burn.


Fewer cows available with increased returns. A strong show was topped by a superb Limousin-x cow from Make Me Rich.

Lim-x: £1,109 (147.5p) Make Me Rich; 874 (123.5p) East Thirston. BB-x: 991, 846 (135.5p, 124.5p) Bilton; 984, 918, 840 (125.5p, 123.5p, 121.5p) East Thirston; 851 (140.5p) Embleton Mill.


More heavy lambs forward with an overall of 152p, SQQ 161p.

Tex: 84, 82, 78.50, 78 Howick Scar; 81 Pasture House; 79 Old Deanham; 78.50 Follions; 78 Warton, Duddo Hill. Beltex: 80, 77.50 Park Farm; 79, 77.50 Chevington Moor.

Beltex: 187p, 183p, 182p Matfen Home Farm; 181p, 179p Hemelspeth; 180p, 178p Stanton Town Head. Tex: 179p Norwoods, Howick Scar.


Fewer ewes on show with similar returns achieved.

Tex: 118, 110 Thrunton; 90 Stonecroft; 87 Chevington Moor; 85 Newton Red House. Suff-x: 87 Chevington Moor; 85 wooden; 82 Thrunton; 81 Newton Red House. Ch/M: 81 South Charlton. HB: 75 North Swinhoe. Chev: 70 Donkin Rigg, 69 South Broomford, 68 Park Farm. Mule: 65 Healeycote, Causey Burn; 64 Redsteads, Lilburn Estates, Thrunton. BF: 56 high Learchild; 50 South Broomford.