Acklington Mart, November 27

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 79 prime cattle including 27 cows and 2673 sheep, comprising 2,131 lambs and 542 ewes.

Cattle – More commercials out with quality in short supply.

Lim x str 1433 West Hall, 1400 Earsdon East. Char x Str 1430 Blagdon Burn. Sim x Str 1400 Earsdon East, 1376 Ferneybeds. AAx Str 1390 Blagdon Burn. Lim x Hfr 1377, 1263 High Highlaws, 1337 Low Hall. Char x Hfr 1328 Tuthill, 1257, 1233 Causey Park, 1248 Warton.

Lim x Hfr 237.5p, 229.5p, 225.5p High Highlaws, 227.5p Low Hall, 225.5p Blagdon Burn. Lim x Str 211.5p West Hall, 209.5p Earsdon East, Tuthill.

Cows – A varied show forward selling well to average 110p. Here x 996 (117.5p) East Ditchburn, 845 (91.5p) Start Up. Char x 964 (121.5p) Framhill. Lim x 962 (131.5p) Embleton Mill, 834 (177.5p) East Ditchburn. Sim x 940 (139.5p) Herds House. Stab 854 (114.5p) Framhill. AA x 842 (126.5p) Framhill. BB x 839 (112.5p) Hazon.

Lambs – Heavies still good to sell, others a touch cheaper.

Beltex 95.50, 92, 90(x2) Park Farm, 95 Low Hall. Texel 95 Newton on the Moor, 93 Wingates Wholme,91 Boulmer Hall, 90 Brinkburn Newhouses, Bygate. Vendeen 92 Shipley Hill. Char 92 Newton on the Moor. Sfx 90 Brinkburn Newhouses.

Beltex 216p Hemelspeth, 216p, 200p Low Hall, 208p, 203p, 200p Glanton Town, 203p Cramond Hill, 201p East Thirston, 200p West High House, Low Espley.

Ewes – Similar returns achieved.

Texel 112, 105 St Margarets, 106 Brinkburn Newhouses, 102 Rugley, 90 Embleton Steads. Suff 90 Howick Estates, Brinkburn Newhouses, 88 Rugley, 85 Lemmington Hill Head, 84 Widdrington, Bygate. BFL 88 Halterburn. Mule 78 Howick Estates, 76 South East, Newton Villa. HB 77 Warton. Chv 76 Warton. Swa 69 Flexigraze. BF 66 Boulmer Hall, 50 Edlingham Demesnee.