Acklington Mart, July 10

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales Summer Show and Sale of Primestock sold 65 cattle and cows, 1,649 sheep comprising 1,301 lambs and 348 cast ewes.

The show was sponsored by Northumberland Animal Health and judged by D Nicholson, Whitley Bay.

Champion Lim Str: - 237.5p P Henzell, Elyhaugh purchased by D Nicholson. Second Lim Str- 215.5p I Renton, High Highlaws purchased by D Nicholson.

First Lim Hfr- 243.5p P Henzell, Elyhaugh also purchased by D Nicholson.Champion Heavy Texel Lambs- 90 D A Thompson, Trewhitt Steads purchased by D Nicholson, Whitley Bay. Second Heavy Texels- 80 Elilaw. First Light Texels- 82 Old Deanham. FirstHeavy Beltex- 84 Annstead.Second Heavy Beltex- 75 Pigdon. First Light Beltex- 78 Annstead. Second Light Beltex- 74.50 Hemelspeth. Firs tCharx- 79 Old Deanham. Second HBx- 85 Elilaw.

Cattle- Lim Strs- 1449, 1311 Elyhaugh, 1333, 1307 Chibburn, 1300 High Highlaws. Char Strs- 1433 Widdrington. Lim Hfrs- 1260 Burnhouses, 1222 Elyhaugh, 1207 Make me Rich. Bel Blue Bull – 1235 Herds House. Lim Strs- 237.5p 209.5p Elyhaugh, 218.5p 213.5p (2) 210.5p Chibburn. Char Str- 209.5p Widdrington. Lim Hfrs- 243.5p Elyhaugh, 213.5p 205.5p Moorhouse, 202.5p Make me rich. Bel Blue Bulls- 185.5p Herds House.

Cows- Lim Cows- 915, 911 (124.5p 123.5p) Make me Rich, 876 (124.5p) Widdrington, 860 (134.5p) Norwoods.

Lambs- Cheaper in line with national trend Weight still p[paying. Average- 171p.

Texels- 90 Trewhitt Steads, 89.50 Wingates Moor, 88, 82.50 (2) South Bellshill, 87 West Link Hall, 86.50 Corneyside, 85.50 East Trewick. Suff x- 85.50, 84 Dovecote, 85 Hedley Wood, Togston Tce, 85 (2), 84.50 Elilaw. Char X- 84.50 Yetlington, 83.50 E Coldside, 83 Thrunton Red House, Lane End.

Beltex- 85.50, 83 Nesbit, 84, 83, 82 Annstead, 84 The Crescent. Beltex- 198p 195p(2) 193p(3) 191p(2) Annstead, 191p Old Deanham, Hemelspeth, 184p Bothal Barns. Texels- 191p Preston Mains, 186p Herds House, 184p Trewhitt Steads, Corneyside, 183p West Link Hall, Wingates Moor.

Cast Ewes- Very similar. Keep selling now. Average £81.

Texel- 100 (2) East Trewick, 100 Newham Hagg, 100 Rugley, Middleton Mill, 194 Brinkburn New Houses. Suffolk- 98 Howick Scar, 96, 92, 90 Chester Hill, 909 (2) Herds House, 89 Fields House. Char X- 90 Paxton Dene, South Carter Moor. Mules- 78 Slaterfield, Chester Hill, 76 Field House, Southfield. Cheviot- 82 Glanton, 80 Warton.