Acklington Mart, February 12

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 1,409 sheep comprising 984 hoggs and 425 cast ewes and 57 prime cattle.

Ewes. A moderate show, even dearer than last week’s extreme rates. Sale overall average £89.

Texel 136 Elsdon Burn (G Oliver), 124 Broadlaw, 120 High Trewhitt, Mitford Steads, 117 West Raw, 116 Bygate, 115 Dyke Head, Suff x 125 Bygate, 124, 110 Tughall Grange, 120 Mitford Steads, 116 Prior Hall, Chev 115 High Fodderlee, 87, 81 Cheviot Farming, Chev/Mule 110 North Swinhoe, Mule 100 Elford, 96 Tughall Grange, 93.50 South East, Ponteland, 93 Prior Hall, 92 Mitford Steads, Make Me Rich, Rom 98, 84 Thompsons Walls, Bel 94 Woodwell, HB 90 Lemmington Hill Head, 86 Berryhill, BF 91 West Raw, 88 Birtley Shields, Swale 79 Hedgeley Farms.

Hoggs. Lean hoggs continue to appear, flesh still good to sell.

Beltex 108, 100.50 Birchwood, 97 Howick Scar, Texel 102 Make Me Rich, 100.50, 99 Birchwood, Chev 104, 99.50 East Ditchburn, Suffolk 100 Berryhill, 99.50 White House, 98 Brotherwick, Wensleydale 102 West End.

Beltex 225p Preston Mains, 224p, 208p Watch Currock, 223p, 207p Woodwell, Texel 211p, 209p, 208p Pasture House (Forster), 208p Preston Mains, 206p, 204p Lemmington Hill Head.

Cattle. All classes a touch easier but still well away. Overall 210p.

Lim hfrs 235.5p, 233.5p, 230.5p, 228.5p High Highlaws, 227.5p, 219.5p Blagdon Burn, 227.5p Chibburn, 225.5p, 220.5p Elyhaugh, Lim strs 215.5p, 210.5p Blagdon Burn, Ang x str 213.5p South Side, Blonde str 211.5p, 209.5p Causey Park.

Lim strs 1500, 1440 Blagdon Burn, 1480 South East, Lim hfrs 1415, 1392 Blagdon Burn, 1320 Elyhaugh, 1315, 1305 Chibburn, 1300 High Highlaws.

Cows. A good quality show sold well to return an average of £892 (124p). Lim 1197 (139.5p) Stamford, 897 (123.5p) Make Me Rich, Angus 1165, 1116, 924 (135.5p, 123.5p, 122.5p) Birchwood, Aged Lim bull 1271 (110.5p) Thompsons Walls.