Acklington Mart (December 4, Christmas Show)

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales held their annual Christmas Show, which was fantastically supported by farmers and buyers alike. The market sold 73 prime cattle, including 17 cows, and 1,948 sheep, comprising of 1,414 lambs and 534 ewes.


A superb show of cattle was gamely judged by Chris Siswick, of Longhorsley, who awarded the supreme championship to an outstanding red Limousin bullock from WY & RW Ryle Farming, South Acton.

The Champion went on to top the sale, weighing 596kg and realising 289.5p per kilo to total £1,725 to R Green & Son, Longframlington.

The Reserve Champion was achieved by a very deserving black Limousin heifer from I Renton & Son, High Highlaws, which weighed 682kg and reached 254.5p to total £1,735, bought by R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick.

Show results: The cattle show was kindly sponsored by Barclays Bank.

Class 1 (Heifers): 1st Reserve Champion; 2nd The Brocks 520kg, 241.5p to £1,255 to Whitelaw Butchers. Class 2 (Bullocks) 1st Champion; 2nd Westhall 664kg, 219.5p to £1,457 to the judge Mr C Siswick. Class 3 (Native Bred Cattle): 1st Oakdene Grange 648kg, 211.5p, £1,370 to C Siswick; 2nd Tuthill 610kg, 241.5p, £1,473 to R Turnbull & Sons. Class 4 (Home Bred) 1st Reserve Champion. Class 5 (Charolais Bullock) 1st Earsdon East 762kg, 202.5p, £1,543 to C Siswick. Class 6 (Heaviest Bullock) Earsdon East 812kg, 189.5p, £1,538 to C Siswick.

With the show taking place the standard of cattle was of its highest to date and was reflected in the farmers’ return. Overall average 209p.

Lim-x str: 1564, 1520 Widdrington; 1529 High Highlaws; 1500 Eslington; 1450 Earsdon East; 1421 Fenham Hill; 1,410 Annsteads. Lim-x hfrs: 1,407 High Highlaws; 1,328 West Hall; 1,258 High Highlaws. Sim-x hfr: 1,269 Eslington. Char bull: 1,467 Thrunton.

Lim-x hfr: 250.5p, 236.5p High Highlaws; 226.5p, 211.5p Annsteads; 224.5p, 219.5p, 213.5p Fenham Hill; 223.5p The Brocks; 213.5p Startup. BB-x hfrs: 225.5p Annsteads. Lim-x str: 237.5p, 235.5p High Highlaws; 237.5p Annsteads; 215.5p Fenham Hill; 213.5p Tuthill.


The show of cows was much improved on previous weeks with the top end coming to more money. Overall average 110p.

The best cow in show was awarded to a great Hereford cow from JO Riddle & Son, West Hall, at £1,197 (153.5p).

BB-x: £1,044 (126.5p) Annsteads; 963 (115.5p) Houndalee. AA-x: 984 (119.5p) Percy Farms; 975 (123.5p) Thrunton. Lim-x: 956 (127.5p) Garrett Lee. Here-x: 910 (113.5p) Percy Farms.


Although numbers were less, quality was in full supply, both in and out of the show, which was sponsored by Northumberland Quality Feeds. The sheep championship was awarded to a brilliantly turned-out pen of Beltex lambs from F Mellor, Annsteads, by judge Ben Gray, Harrogate, who made a very hard task seem straight forward.

The champions weighed 47kg and were bought by Bowood Yorkshire Lamb for £135 a head (287p per kilo).

The best Texel show, sponsored by the Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Club, was awarded by the judge to JHC Campbell & Sons, Thrunton, whose champion Texel pen sold for £115 at weights of 52 kg to Whitelaw Butchers. The Reserve Champions were from W Curry & Sons, Howick Scar who’s Texels made £104 at 46 kg to R Curle & Sons Livestock Marketing.

Show results - Class 1 (Texels 44kg and under): 1st North Bellshill 44kg £94; 2nd North Bellshill 44kg £91. Class 2 (Texels 45kg and over): 1st Texel Champions, 2nd Texel Reserve Champions. Class 3 (Beltex 43kg and under): 1st Low Espley 42kg, £105; 2nd Glanton 39kg, £103. Class 4 (Beltex 44kg and over): 1st Champions; 2nd Low Espley 44kg, £104. Class 5 (Suffolk): 1st Warton, 58kg, £107; 2nd Percy Farms 57kg, £108. Class 6 (Cont): 1st Burnhouses 55kg, £109; 2nd Beal Bank 55kg, £109. Class 7 (Mule): 1st Blagdon Burn 47kg, £85; 2nd Craster Heugh 51kg, £90. Class 8 (Black Face): 1st Blagdon Burn 43kg, £80. Class 9 (Shepherds): 1st Herds House 48kg, £96; 2nd Craster 45kg, £82. Class 10 (Dressed Beltex): 1st Annsteads 45kg, £109.

Best pen of lambs out of half-bred ewes was awarded to WM Davy, Warton, for their 1st prize Suffolk lambs.

The overall sale of prime lambs averaged 194p (SQQ 200p) and £88 per head. More numbers could have been sold to farmers’ advantage.


A good show of ewes forward to meet increased demand for flesh, increased returns to match.

Tex: £130, 100 East Trewick; 120 East Town Farm; 120 East Thirston; 112 Thrunton; 111 Roseden. Suff-x: 130 Whittingham Grange; 120 Roseden, 110 East Coldside; 106, 100 Dovecote. Mule: 86 Garrett Lee; 85 Dovecote; 84 West Lane End, The Peels, East Coldside; 83 South East. Chev/Mule: 90, 80 Percy Farm. Chev: 81, 75 South Broomford; 74, 71 Linhope Farms. BF: 75 Blagdon Burn; 73 Lilburn Ests, 70 Thrunton, 68 Garrett Lee.