Acklington mart, December 12

North East Livestock Sales sold 60 prime cattle including 22 cows and 2,845 sheep comprising 2,088 lambs and 757 cast ewes at their weekly sale.

The Prime Lamb Show was kindly sponsored by Northumbrian Quality Feeds & apply judged by Paul Barker, Bowood Yorkshire Lamb, Thirsk.

Once again a fantastic show of lambs was presented at the Christmas Show with over 40 pens of show lambs on display. Great dilligence was experienced at Acklington from the judge as he meticulously sorted his Champion pen. Overall Champion was a smart pen of five dressed Beltex lambs from Fiona Mellor, Annstead. The lambs sold for £140 each (298p/kg) to Paul Parker of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

Reserve Champion was also awarded to Fiona Mellor for a pen of five Beltex lambs under 40kg which sold for £118 a piece (295p/kg) again sold to Paul Barker, Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.

Other Prizes (Pens of 5), Texels (under 44kg): 1 TW Dinning & Son, Watch Currock, sold for £96.50 (254p) to Jimmy Curle; 2 DA Thompson, Trewhitt Steads, sold for £95 (226p/kg) to Bowoods.

Texels (45kg & Over): 1 JHC Campbell, Thrunton, sold for £100 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons; 2 JHC Campbell, Thrunton, sold for £94 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons.

Beltex (Under 43kg): 1 C & F Mellor, Annsteads, sold for £118 to Bowoods; 2 K Lamb on behalf of Percy Farms, sold for £96 to Bowoods.

Beltex (44kg & Over): 1 C Mellor, Annstead, sold for £100 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons; 2 K Lamb on behalf of Percy Farms, sold for £88 to J Curle.

Suffolk Lambs: 1 WM Davy, Warton, sold to £94 to Turnbulls Butchers, Alnwick; 2 JH Dixon, East Ditchburn, sold for £87.50 sold to C Snowdon, JA Jewitt (Meat).

Continental Lambs: 1 CW Gray & Sons, Low Hall; sold to £90 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons; 2 KM Lamb, Burnhouses, sold to £94 to Turnbulls Butchers, Alnwick.

Cheviot Lambs: 1 Andrew Walton, Preston Mains, sold to £82 to J Curle; 2 Andrew Walton, Preston Mains, sold to £79 again to J Curle.

Mule Lambs: 1 GS Grey & Son, Craster, sold to £78 to J Curle; 2 GS Grey & Son, Craster, sold to £81 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons.

Dressed Beltex Lambs: 1 C & F Mellor, Annstead, sold for £140 to Bowoods; 2 P Guiry & Son, Glanton, sold for £102 to Ben Gray, Atkinsons.

Best Pen of Lambs out of Half Bred Ewes: W M Davy, Warton sold to £91

Sherherds Lambs (Pens of 2): 1 Matthew Gray, Low Espley, lambs sold to £93; 2 Mr Bainbridge, Low Hall, lambs sold to £81.

Lambs – A great show of quality met with a firmer trade to average 183p/kg (SQQ 191p/kg). Beltex- 102, 93.50 Glanton, 100 (2), 94, 93, 91, 90 Low Espley, 100 Annsteads, 98, 92 Park Farm, 95, 90 Watch Currock, 90 Bothal Barns. Half Bred- 94, 93, 92.50 Warton. Blue D’Maine- 94 Coldrife, 90.50 New Shoreston. Charolais- 94 Burnhouses, 92.50 Howick Scar, 90 Low Hall. Texel- 94, 90 Thrunton, 94, 90 Watch Currock, 93, 90.50, 90 Howick Estates, 92, 90.50 South Bellshill, 91.50 Annsteads, 90 Howick Scar, 90 (2) Gallowmoor. Suffolk- 92, 90 (2) South Bellshill, 92, 90 Park Farm, 91.50 Bank Top, 91 Warton, 90 Sharperton Edge, 90 Make Me Rich.

Leading Prices/Kg: Beltex- 244p, 219p Low Espley, 239p, 231p, 227p, 223p, 214p Glanton, 234p, 217p, 213p Annstead, 229p, 220p, 214p Park Farm, 224p Howick Scar, 224p, 221p Watch Currock.

Texel- 233p Warton, 224p High Trewhitt, 223p Bank Top, 222p Crammond Hill, 218p North Bellshill, 213p Newton Red House, 211p Grange House. Charolais- 222p Pasture Hill, 210p Howick Scar.

Cattle- A plainer show, all classes slightly cheaper.

Lim Hfrs- 256.5p, 233.5p, 231.5p High Highlaws, 236.5p, 235.5p, 233.5p Woodwell House.

Charolias Steer- 229.5p Causey Park. Simmental Bull- 214.5p Herds House. Lim Bulls- 213.5p, 212.5p Herds House, 202.5p, 201.5p Elyhaugh. Lim Steer- 1505 Causey Park. Lim Hfr- 1385 High Highlaws. Lim Bull- 1270 Herds House.

Cows: Simmental Cow- 140.5p Herds House. Lim Cows- 134.5p West Lane End, 132.5p White House, 130.5p Whitton Glebe. Charolais Bull- 1332 (117.5p) Thrunton. Lim Cows- 1248 West Lane End, 1001 White House.

Ewes- Many hill types forward, all classes a firmer trade to average £55.

Texel Rams- 135, 93 The Bellion, 104 Start Up. Beltex Ram- 135 Birchwood Hall. Suffolk Ram - 125 Birchwood Hall. Romney Rams- 107 White House Folly. Charolais Rams- 93 Middleheugh, 92 Cornhill Farm. Texel Ewes- 95, 85 Craster, 87 Newton Red House, 87 New Shoreston. Beltex - 95 Birchwood Hall. Half Bred- 91, 84 Cornhill Farm. Suffolk- 91 Boulmer Hall, 90 Gallowmoor, 89 New Shoreston, 89, 87 South Bellshill, 87 East Coldside. Cheviot- 75 East Ditchburn. Leicester- 75 Crawley Farm. Mules- 65 Craster, 61, 55 South Bellshill, 59 Bankfoot, 58, 57 Pasture Hill, 57 Mitford Steads, 55 Garrett Lee. Blackface- 57 Boulmer Hall, 50 Blagdon Burn, 47 Birchwood Hall.