Acklington Mart, August 14

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 58 prime cattle and 2,538 sheep, comprising of 2023 lambs and 515 ewes.


Here.x str: 1435, 1421, 1404 Ferneybeds, Lim.x str 1314 Startup. Lim.x hfr: 1330 Elyhaugh, 1268 East Coldside. AA.x hfr: 1316, 1288, 1258 Tuthill. AA.x bulls: 1350, 1227 Thrunton. Lim.x hfr: 233.5p (2) Elyhaugh, 215.5p, 211.5p Herds House, 213.5p East Coldside, 209.5p Boulmer Hall. Lim.x str: 226.5p East Coldside, 215.5p Startup. AA.x hfr: 225.5p, 218.5p Tuthill. AA.x bull: 182.5p Thrunton. Char.x bull: 182.5p Thrunton.


Lim.x: 1141, 845 (175.5p, 131.5p) Make Me Rich, 886 (138.5p) Whitton Glebe.


Bel: 91, 87 Corneyside. Suff.x: 91 South Carter Moor, 90 Tosson Tower. Tex: 87.50 Catraw, 84 Yetlington, Linden Hill Head. Chev.x: 85 East Ditchburn. Bel: 185p Stanton Townhead, 181p Low Espley. Tex: 179p East Newham, 178p Nesbit, 176p Herds House, Glanton Town, Middle Duddo, Little Swinburne.


Char: 99 Unthank, Tex 98 Glanton Town, 96 High Trewhitt, 96 East Wingates, Howick Scar, Plainfield, 94 Unthank, 93 Herds House. Suff.x: 97 Plainfield, Tosson Tower, Boulmer Hall, 95 Widdrington, 94 Nesbit, 93 Thrunton Red House, Sharperton Edge, Bygate. HB: 88, 83 Widdrington, Mule 80 Glanton Town, Unthank, 76 Banktop. Chev: 69 High Learchild. BF: 50.50 Edlingham Demesne. Bel rams: 92 Herds House.