BUSINESS: In praise of good service

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I would like to pass pleasant comment on the service and quality of the tiny burger van in Coopies Lane, Morpeth.

As pensioners, we had found ourselves temporarily without our vehicle and had to travel to Morpeth from Alnwick to hire a car.

We walked from the main road in Morpeth up Coopies Lane, and found this delightful burger van.

It had several local workers and drivers there, all chatting, and we joined in with our cups of tea and coffee.

It was great company and a pleasant break from the walking to the car hire place.

Congratulations to Morpeth Town Council or Northumberland County Council for encouraging small businesses to give this pleasant service to the public in out-of-the-way locations.

And congratulations to Jill (I think her name is) for providing us with good refreshment and cookies.

Pothole Pete and Veronica Ballan,