BUSES: Timetable is just no good

In the middle of last week a leaflet dropped through my door from Arriva, our local bus company.

I studied it with great excitement as it announced that there was going to be a 12-week cheaper arrangement for buses daily to Newcastle.

One would be able to travel daily from Alnwick to Newcastle, thus enjoying work and fun in the city.

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It has always been impossible for us to go to either Newcastle or Edinburgh.

There is that festival we have often wanted to enjoy, top rate films and opera and theatre, but it has always only been possible to manage this by car, even given the fact that the city does not want car parking blocking it up, as the last trains were before 3pm.

I actually thought, at last, public transport was providing something for the rural dweller on the normal wage.

Careful study showed the whole story was a delusion.

The bus from Alnwick was not provided until after 8am, too late to get to work in Newcastle.

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The last bus set for 4pm back to Alnwick is far too early for workers returning home, never mind that it is long before the theatre finishes.

How sad.

If this is the only agreement local authority financial backing can give us, it is a total waste of taxpayers’ money.

Anne Wrangham,