Bus-shelter call to cater for high school students

The bus stops on Willowburn Avenue in Alnwick.
The bus stops on Willowburn Avenue in Alnwick.

A proposal to install a number of new bus shelters after the relocation of Alnwick’s high school is being investigated by the town council.

Maurice Hall, headteacher at the Duchess’s Community High School, highlighted that there is a need for additional bus shelters at two stops on Willowburn Avenue and another on South Road, near to St Paul’s School.

Inquiries are being made by Alnwick Town Council, but there are no cost estimates at this stage, as more information is needed.

Early investigations suggested that the two stops by Greensfield Court were busy, but the other two, further down towards the A1, were not. However, last week saw a staggered return to school so the true picture is not yet clear.

Deputy Mayor George Mavin asked why they weren’t installed when the school was being built, adding: “Why is the cost falling on the town council now?”

Coun Gordon Castle said: “The town council is responsible for bus shelters, but you could argue that the county council is responsible as it’s linked to the new school.”

Coun Sue Allcroft proposed pushing the county council to provide half of the funding, while Mayor Alan Symmonds pointed out that while the bus shelters are in Alnwick parish, the children using the buses are likely to be from outside the parish.

Motorbike call sparks review

Councillors were alerted to a lack of parking for motorbikes in the town by a visitor who had been involved in a dispute over a parking ticket.

His ticket was eventually revoked as while he had not parked in a marked bay in the Greenwell Road car park, he had parked in a corner, which caused no obstruction to other vehicles. But he still wrote to the town council to highlight the wider issue of the shortage of parking.

It was agreed that now that the peak tourist season is over, a parking review should be carried out as motorcycles are certainly not the only issue.