Burglars disturbed in Wooler homes twice

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

The area’s police sergeant described it as ‘extremely unusual’ and ‘disturbing’ that there had been two house burglaries in Wooler in the past month.

Giving the regular update to parish councillors at their meeting on Monday night, Sgt Andy Pullen revealed that there had been three crimes since the last meeting, but that two had been break-ins.

In both cases, the intruder was disturbed by the residents during the burglary and chased off, but the perpetrator was not apprehended at either incident.

The first took place in the early hours of Monday, August 22, at a property in Fenton Grange. A handbag and its contents were stolen.

The second occurred on Monday, September 19, again in the early hours, but nothing was taken as the intruder was disturbed.

It is not known if the incidents are linked, with the descriptions of the burglars being slightly different – both were male, but one was described as short and stocky and the other as slim – but the fact that house burglaries are very rare in Wooler and that they both took place early on a Monday morning means it is a possibility.

Sgt Pullen told the meeting: “I have been sergeant here for eight years and it is extremely unusual, not just in Wooler, but in the rural area as a whole.”

He also took the opportunity to remind residents to make it difficult for burglars by ensuring all doors and windows are locked – in both break-ins, there was no sign of forced entry.

The other crime in the parish in the past month was a window being smashed at Spice Village, causing £250 of damage, which is believed to be linked to disorder on Cheviot Street earlier that night – Saturday, September 24.

Police also received four other reports of disorder, mainly related to youths causing excessive noise and being rowdy; one was outside the Co-op, while others were at the Highburn House and Riverside holiday parks.