BROADBAND: The North lags behind

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Now that it seems decided that Amble will soon have another thousand new homes, I wonder if the subject of broadband was considered during the planning application process.

I live in Amble’s Persimmon development and we have no access to superfast broadband even with copper, never mind Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), which is becoming the norm on many new developments in the South of England.

I am currently in communication with our MP as to why the law just can’t be changed to oblige builders and developers to install such a basic utility because that’s what it is these days.

So if any of your readers are intending to buy one of these new Amble homes and they might want to stream movies or sport, Skype relatives or work from home, I hope they check what kind of broadband is on offer for a new house in the North of England in the 21st century.

Gordon Farrington,