Broadband take-up strong

Members heard that the take-up for superfast broadband was good in the county, particularly in the north.

John Cooper, from the iNorthumberland team, provided an update on the project to roll out superfast broadband across much of the county.

He said that in the areas which have been funded by public money, the take-up for the new fibre technology was 13 per cent of all properties.

This is ‘ahead of where we expected to be and quite a lot ahead of some other comparable counties’. In Rothbury, which is a separate scheme, take-up is 24 per cent.

Five of the 10 best performing cabinets are in north Northumberland and none of the 10 worst are in this area.

However, it remains the case that BT is rolling out broadband on a value-for-money basis and this means that it is not known how or when some communities, particularly smaller ones at a distance from exchanges, will be connected to superfast broadband.