Brizlee WI, Meeting

There were several apologies received from members on this cold wintery evening however, a warm welcome was extended to all from our president Barbara.

Sunday, 15th April 2018, 6:00 am

The previous month’s minutes were tabled. Correspondence received in the secretary’s mailing included a letter from our national chairman Lynne Stubbings regarding the recent negative press reports. Barbara read important points then tabled the letter for members to read later. The schedule for the centennial celebrations competition day, on Saturday, June 16, in Stannington Village Hall was received with our chairman Hilary hoping that all WIs would participate.

After the business, Barbara introduced our speaker for the evening paramedic Lee Collis.

Lee began by telling us he was Lead Care Manager and had been a paramedic for over 20 years.

He talked about the changes that had been made to the service over those years. The area covered by the North East Ambulance service is from the Scottish Borders to Teesside, with a population of about 2.6 million. In the last month there had been 1,000 emergency calls.

Lee explained the role of the community first responders and the rapid response cars in the service. Crews work 12-hour shifts and Alnwick Station is manned over 24 hours.

The two telephone call systems in use are the 999 emergency number and the 111 less urgent number.

He explained the type of emergencies which should use the 999 number – chest pain, unconsciousness, severe loss of blood and choking to name a few. The 111 less urgent call number to be used when medical help was needed fast but not an emergency or you think you need to go A&E or require another NHS urgent care service.

Lee emphasized the importance of the annual flu vaccination and to keep warm with thin layers and hot meals and drinks.

Sylvia Taylor thanked Lee for his informative talk.

The competition was for a coloured glass container, which was won by Barbara Turner with her green Alnwick Brewery beer bottle.

Members were reminded to provide a pooled supper for our next meeting when we will have visitors, who will be entertained by ‘Fool’s Gold’.