Bridesmaid Niamh excited about her role on the big day

Niamh Cullen and Fuzzy.
Niamh Cullen and Fuzzy.

Every young girl dreams of dressing up like a princess, and this weekend six-year-old Niamh Cullen will be doing just that.

The youngster from Alnwick will be one of eight bridesmaids at Lady Melissa’s wedding and is very excited about carrying out her role.

A pupil at Alnwick South First School, she has yet to see her dress, but is upset that the Duchess’s dog Fuzzy is not on the guest list.

Niamh lives in Hulne Park with her mum Tracy, 38, dad Andy, 47 and brother Cameron, seven.

Andy is a gundog trainer and Fuzzy sometimes stays with the Cullen family and is doing so during the preparations for the wedding.

Tracy said: “She is really excited about it.

“I think being the way she is she won’t be nervous. It won’t really sink in for her.

“At her age weddings are just quite exciting for her.

“I think she was hoping to walk down with Fuzzy and she was a bit disappointed, but she will get extra time with him anyway.

“We’ve all been invited and we’re all looking forward to it, it’ll be a really good day.”

Niamh will be trying on her dress this week and meeting other attendees as well as taking part in a rehearsal on Friday.

She will be dropped off at the Castle by her parents and will arrive at the church with the other bridesmaids and pages.

After Niamh was asked to perform the role, she used a voucher to buy a story about a bridesmaid. She took it into Alnwick South First School, where she is a pupil, to show everybody.