Brickworks blaze is still burning eight days later

Thrunton fire, Wednesday, a week later
Thrunton fire, Wednesday, a week later

A fire which destroyed two warehouses and their contents is still burning more than a week after it started.

The blaze tore through the buildings at the former Swarland Brickworks site at Thrunton last Tuesday, with hundreds of bales of shredded carpet going up in smoke.

And yesterday morning, eight days after the fire broke out, plumes of white smoke were still coming from the site, with little licks of flames visible.

In total, 40 firefighters tackled the inferno from 10am on Tuesday, September 3, spending 14 hours to get it under control.

After 24 hours of monitoring, day and night, fire crews scaled back their operations.

Between last Thursday and Tuesday, four-hourly checks on the site were being made.

But on Tuesday, because of the nature of the fire, this was further scaled down to 12-hourly checks.

A spokesman for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service said: “The Environment Agency has advised that fire and rescue refrain from using water due to the risk of contaminating a nearby water course, which is the habitat of an endangered species of fish, as well as the risk of contaminating the nearby lake.

“Fire and rescue teams are visiting residents in Thrunton village to keep them informed and up-to-date throughout the operation, as well as offering advice and guidance on home safety measures.”