BREXIT: Time the young grew up

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Having read the letter in last week’s Gazette sent in by Bridget Gubbins and her Angels for Europe, I did not take long to realise that these people are more ‘undemocratic anti-Brexit pro-Europeans’.

If, like the young man who was absorbed on his phone, you believe that ‘tosh’(I am being polite) about a change in the referendum result if it were held now because of the number of deaths of over 65s, then you need to change your attitude toward mature, experienced people who live in the real world.

Both you and the young man need to get behind this wonderful country of ours and be positive as to our future. The answer to our future will not be found on a mobile phone, it will be the result of positive thinking and hard work.

If you do not like the result, then go and live in another country – say North Korea, their rulers think like you, if they do not like the result, ‘change it’. For goodness sake grow up.

As for the young people, they will not get anywhere if they do not engage with their elders. The answers to their future does not lie in tablets of smartphones. They have to work for what they want.

For your information, if it was not for the over 65s (I am 80 this year), there would not be any youngsters.

David Brown, MBE,

Simonside View,