BREXIT: Time for a reality check

In his 42 years as Berwick MP Alan Beith's reasoned, moderate British values and his devotion to his constituents gained the respect of people across the political spectrum, leading him to win 11 elections in a row until his retirement.

So in response to David Brown’s letter (Northumberland Gazette, March 15), Lord Beith did win a second vote, and a lot more, because of the honesty of the man and his manifestos.

In contrast, today we have a Foreign Secretary who seems to cause offence wherever he goes and a Secretary of State for Defence who tells Russia to “shut up and go away”.

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This has all happened since the Brexit vote, which has, sadly, both divided and diminished this country.

The people behind Brexit might be forgiven if they had made serious plans to deal with the complexities of ‘taking the flour back out of the cake’ after two whole generations of European integration.

Instead, the half-baked bickering has made us a global laughing-stock, typified by their attitude to the Northern Irish border and the place of UK car, aviation and other factories in the supply chains of EU-wide companies.

The ‘foods’ that Liam Fox wants to import from the United States will undercut Northumberland farmers, while his trade deal could see our NHS sold off to corporate America.

This ideology is making Britain a poorer place.

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We always knew where Alan Beith stood, but it appears that none of those behind Brexit had a clue where it might lead.

Rather than angrily throwing our children’s future off a cliff, leaving them in hock to Trump’s America and Xi’s Communist China, we need a reality-check.

Aidan Harrison,