BREXIT: There must be a clean break

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Like all those who wish to remain in the EU and overturn the result of last year’s referendum, I believe that Angels for Europe refuses to acknowledge the reality.

It is my view that it is, and has always been, about the creation of a single country called Europe, not a group of like-minded sovereign nations trading and co-operating in areas of common interest.

The European Commission is advancing plans for all members to join the Euro within the next eight years. Progress is being made on the creation of another ‘parliament’, for a common budget and finance minister.

Demands for a European prosecutor and common criminal code have been put into abeyance, not abandoned. Such a code would be based upon Corpus Juris which lacks Habeas Corpus, trial by jury and has the presumption of guilt.

The Treaty of Velsen remains, with a pan-European force that has militarised police and civil unrest functions, and can be deployed without reference to national law bodies. How long would it be before we would be forced to sign this document should we remain within the clutches of the EU?

The EU Commission and European Parliament seem to issue threats rather than attempts to persuade us to remain. A leaked report suggests that France sees us as an adversary as it promotes plans to ruin the UK’s economy. So much for being a partner and ally.

The EU is expecting to retain ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. We left to take back control of our national legal system and law-making procedures.

How many countries outside the EU would allow a foreign legal process to have any sway over its citizens?

Ensuring control of our laws is fundamental to our decision to leave and must not be negotiated away.

To remain a member is to become a province of Europe; to allow Europe to dictate the terms of our exit is to become a vassal state.

That becomes clearer by the day and the British people will not stand for any compromise on a clean break.

As Kipling wrote “And still when Mob or Monarch (EU and EU Commission) lays,

“Too rude a hand on English ways,

“The whisper wakes, the shudder plays,

“Across the reeds at Runnymede.

“And Thames that knows the mood of Kings,

“And crowds and priests and such like things

“Rolls deep and dreadful as he brings

“Their warning down from Runnymede.”

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Ukip Candidate, Berwick upon Tweed 2015