BREXIT: Start talking sensibly now

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To her credit, Anne-Marie Trevelyan conceded before the referendum that decisions the EU made at Brexit would be politically, not economically, driven

That implies Germany and France would be happy to see the minority of overall EU exports going to the UK dry up if they can ensure the dominant share of our exports suffer likewise. No one would dare leave the EU again, job done.

If we think the NHS, education, defence against terrorism, etc, are at breaking point now, think what it will be like if the income from financial services and car production collapses, a fact even David Davis is getting close to acknowledging.

There never was £350million a week for the health service. America and China will never ride to our rescue. Unless there is some quantum shift in the British unemployed, a UK without immigrant labour is a UK without a tourist industry, without agriculture.

If Mrs May is capable of affecting such a change in culture, why in her years in cabinet has she never tried to do so, when this is what really drives immigration?

When you are in a hole, stop digging. Let’s drop this ‘see if I care’ attitude to Europe. Grow up and start talking sensibly.

Dudley George,