BREXIT: Options may be disaster

Now that the construction industry has contracted owing to the uncertainty caused by Brexit, is it time to consider that we should remain in the European Union after all?

September data revealed that building companies are failing to replenish new jobs that were planned before the referendum.

Speakers at the Conservative Party conference have finally admitted that EU exit talks may fail.

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David Davis said that while the prizes for success could be ‘enormous’, the costs of failure are enormous too.

He should at least consider that we are better off staying within the EU.

The Department for Exiting the EU has clearly stated to us that a vote in the Houses of Parliament would only be between the choice to accept the final agreement or to leave the EU with no agreement.

It has not included the choice to remain.

Angels consider that this is a violation of democracy.

We are also of the firm opinion that each of the two options offered is potentially disastrous for Britain and the British people.

Ken McDonald, Alnwick,

Diane Milburn, Alnwick,

Lynda McKenna, Blyth,

Bridget Gubbins, Morpeth

Angels For Europe