BREXIT: Many rights will remain

As far as I can tell, the bottom hasn't fallen out of the world since the UK voted for Brexit '“ and nor will it.

But those in favour of remaining still proclaim, or at least imply, that our future is a bleak one.

The latest was a report from Parcelhero, which suggested that Brexit could mean consumer rights giving online shoppers a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period being rescinded.

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But leaving the EU does not mean that this and all the other EU legislation foisted on us will be torn up.

Indeed, in many areas of workers’ rights and consumer rights, UK law is stronger than the EU requirements. If a British Government truly wished to erode rights, this would not be the case.

Some legislation, particularly anything imposed with the EU ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, which does not suit our country, may rightly be amended post-Brexit to be tailored to the UK’s actual needs.

There are virtually no opponents to rights such as those in the Consumer Rights Directive.

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It is wrong to suggest that legislation that benefits our citizens is automatically at threat; Remainers are fighting against shadows, tilting against windmills.

Jonathan Arnott,

North East Independent MEP

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