BREXIT: Less control after leaving

I note Jonathan Arnott's latest attack on those who question the claims of Brexiteers (Northumberland Gazette, February 8).

Saturday, 17th February 2018, 05:00 am

EU legislation was not ‘foisted’ on the UK. In saying so, Mr Arnott ignores the fact that a UK representative (Commissioner) and the UK Government took part in all deliberations leading to EU legislation.

Along with the other 27 members, the UK jointly had a say in, and a vote on, all EU policy. In the vast majority of cases, the UK voted to support the policies.

The Brexiteers’ refrain ‘take back control’ is an empty slogan. The UK never lost control as an EU member, rather the UK chose to share control with its EU partners. This sharing and the implicit compromises are for the greater good of all parties.

If the UK suffers a ‘hard Brexit’, then it will be necessary to agree trade terms on a country-by-country basis. Such agreements will require compromise. All trade agreements require compromise.

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Is compromise now to be seen as a loss of control, or does that only apply to a partnership with the EU?

Do Brexiteers assume that future trade deals will be dictated by the UK and its trading partners will accept the total control that the UK demands?

I fear it is likely to be the reverse. For example, the Prime Minister has not denied that a trade deal with the USA could allow private US companies to bid for, and run parts of, the NHS.

So, post-Brexit the NHS could, in part, be run by US companies for the benefit of US shareholders.

Who in the UK will have control in this situation? If not the NHS, then, as now, businesses could be run by and for foreign companies’ shareholders. Look who owns and controls our utilities now.

Post-Brexit the UK is likely to have less control.

The UK Government continues to promote the fantasy that the UK can continue to trade with the EU post-Brexit on the same terms as now, despite not being a member of the Single Market or Customs Union.

I sometimes forget I am living in the UK and think I’ve moved to cloud cuckoo land.

Geoff Hoskin,