BREXIT: It's reasonable to disagree

I was surprised by Mr Brown's letter suggesting those who believe that the UK should not be leaving the EU 'go and live in a country that is ruled by undemocratic figureheads', (Northumberland Gazette, March 18).

Sunday, 15th April 2018, 6:00 am

Firstly, if everyone who had ever disagreed with a political decision made in this country had left the UK as a result, we’d be faced with quite an empty country.

It’s not in any way unreasonable to disagree with a decision and to keep campaigning against it – that’s all part of the democratic process and it’s the prerogative of anyone living here.

Secondly, the United Kingdom is a monarchy. By definition, we already live in a country that is ruled by undemocratic figureheads.

Every political system we have in place should be questioned, but it might be worth looking a little closer to home before we start questioning democracy in Europe as a whole.

Katie Roskams,