BREXIT: Democracy is very much alive

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I write in reply to the letter from Angels For Europe, (Northumberland Gazette, September 21).

One of the effects of the European Union Referendum has been to see a greater and much wider level of engagement in our country about its future direction that has played out in newspapers, the workplace and any possible venue you can imagine.

I am pleased that we can have these debates and am always pleased to have the opportunity to respond to the points raised in the letter.

Firstly, the next stage of the EU Withdrawal Bill is the Committee Stage. This allows every clause and line of the Bill to be debated, discussed and amended by MPs from every party. This democratic process allows every constituent to feed into their MP, who can challenge and amend the legislation.

This is direct democracy in action, with the British public informed and directly engaging with MPs to scrutinise the law and decide on the future of our country.

Following Committee Stage, there is further scrutiny and debate, both in the House of Lords and Commons.

Secondly, Select Committees are made up of members from across the whole of the House of Commons, voted for by political colleagues, and in the case of the chairmen, by all MPs. They work together to scrutinise legislation and Government and hold the executive to account.

The Brexit Committee contains MPs from all four nations of the UK, six different parties and all sides of the debate on the EU. Far from being a closed shop, this diverse committee mirrors opinions from right across our nation.

There are different opinions about how we should fulfil the voters’ wish for Brexit. This is to be cherished.

The fact that we can engage in our democratic process through our elected representatives and the ballot box shows that our Parliament, the mother of democracy, is alive and kicking in our great country.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed