BREXIT: Attitude is not helpful to us

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It’s a pity that Theresa May and her colleagues never listened to our own sensible and pragmatic (pro-Brexit) MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

Anne-Marie admitted to a public meeting in Alnwick even before the vote that exit discussions would undoubtedly be politically and not commercially-driven. That meant our every utterance should make it easy for European politicians to sell a mutually generous and beneficial exit agreement to their own citizens.

Instead, we have heard that the UK will demand a settlement that allows us to “have our cake and eat it”, and that Italian and French winemakers and German carmakers “couldn’t afford” not to give us exactly what we want, etc.

A critical ability for any negotiator is to know what the other party is thinking. We can guess exactly what other EU nationals are thinking now, and that will come back and bite us badly, very soon.

David Cameron went off to Europe at about this time last year full of how he would demand special treatment for the UK and how everyone else just had to fit in to our wishes. Remind me, how did that go?

Dudley George,

Upper Howick Street,