Brexit: 20 reactions from Gazette readers

Some are delighted, some are devastated, others think we just need to get on with it '“ here's a selection of views from Gazette readers as Britain votes to leave the EU.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th June 2016, 11:10 am
Updated Friday, 24th June 2016, 12:38 pm
Britain has voted to leave the EU, leading to Prime Minister David Cameron announcing he will stand down.
Britain has voted to leave the EU, leading to Prime Minister David Cameron announcing he will stand down.

Vivienne Crosby: Very sorry, I liked being European, now I don’t feel British I feel english with a small e. Perhaps soon to be known as an Ashintotian a native of my home town.

Vikki Saunders: Fantastic

Jan Archbold: I’m genuinely worried that we’ve (and by we, I mean they!) voted for the unknown. Scary.

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David Legg: GET IN!!!!

Sarah Laidler: It’s not what I voted for, but I can’t claim to be devastated. I was genuinely torn over this vote! It was close, it could have gone either way. Personally I think now it’s not a case of moaning or gloating over the result, it’s a time to unite and make this work.

Fiona Nelson van Loon: Disgraced. Concerned. As a mixed English/Dutch family I am worried for our future and amazed at how leave have won (just) on arguments that were largely factually incorrect. A very very dark day & guess what, the economy is in freefall already-nice job leavers, good luck fixing this. Although as someone else mentioned, we will need to pull up our bootstraps and find a way to make it work☹️.

Stephen Jopling: Relieved, phew it was close!

Karen Hutchinson: Really sad and worried and very disappointed that all the factual arguments of the Remain campaign counted for so little.

Paul White: Amazing news, Boris for PM

Patricia Minta: Oh what have we done!!! It’s going to be costly and we have all become more politically aware which may be a good thing

Jack Clouseau: Time for the Remain MPS to move on starting with the local ones. You know who yous are

Joan Helmn: Sad that people would rather build walls than bridges.

Sheree Smith: Fantastic news

Simon Watson: United we stand divided we fall. Very old and wise words, stop moaning and get together and make it work. All of you. Make GB strong with you work effort like she was and always will be.

Mike Cadwallen: We now have the opportunity to put the “Great” back in Britain, assuming that is we want to take it.

Sonia Purves: Somewhat devastated! It’s up to everyone now to work with what’s left. We can do it; we’re British.

Liam Stewart: Over the moon, at least now the fishing industry can now be given back all the fishing quota’s back. Time to put the GREAT back in to the uk.

Anne Marie Wight: Ecstatic :)

Mikey Mann: Terrified for our children.

Elaine Godber: Concerned. Be careful what you wish for springs to mind.