Brain tumour sparks Sarah’s new business

Sarah Young.
Sarah Young.

An entrepreneur who is living with a very rare type of brain tumour is following her passion for property by launching a business that brings together her years of experience in the sector.

Sarah Young has worked in the NHS for 26 years, but for the last two decades, she’s also been involved in house building, project management and property maintenance across Northumberland.

Now, nearly three years after being diagnosed with the tumour, she’s taken the plunge and opened Sarah Young Property Management, aimed at upscale property owner.

Sarah, who worked as a specialist diabetic nurse at Wansbeck Hospital, has written clinical guidelines and advised doctors on treating diabetes.

She first became interested in property 20 years ago when she was off work after breaking her leg. She designed and project-managed the building of a new house on land next door to her home in West Thirston, near Morpeth.

With the proceeds from the sale, she bought three shops and built a five-bedroom house in Warenford, which took just 16 weeks from start to finish.

Property may have remained a lucrative side-line for Sarah, but the recession and illness intervened. The mum-of-three was divorced and in 2011, began to suffer from constant headaches and even lost her sight for a period.

After numerous tests, doctors discovered a growth in her brain stem that was wrapping itself around her nerves.

The type of tumour has only been found in a handful of people worldwide and also affects her respiratory system. She suffered a relapse causing chemical meningitis and temporary hydrocephalus. She also has another rare complication, the auto-immune condition myasthenia gravis.

Sarah, originally from Northumberland but now living in Gosforth, said: “I refuse to let my illness slow me down and I’m fighting it every step of the way.

“When I was diagnosed, doctors thought I only had months to live, but I’m living with the condition. It’s made me think about what I want in life and that was to start a business that deals with my love of working with property.”