Brain-teasers for Army cash

The money continues to roll in for the Jam Jar Army and the total continues to tick up, with several more fund-raising opportunities left this year.

A raffle held at the Duchess’s Community High School performance of The Crucible brought in £160 while a jar at Wooler Police Station collected £29.90. The overall total now stands at £11,259.45.

Earlier this year, we ran a competition involving brain-teasers to raise funds for the Jam Jar Army and we can now reveal the answers to the 30 questions. The winner, of tickets to The Hobbit at the Playhouse, will be revealed next week.

Was this fruit singed? – Hipsburn; Cast an amorous glance – Ogle; Whiten this nation – Blanchland; A colourful top – Greenhead; A holiday in enclosure – Holywell/Whitfield/Whittonstall; An animal and a college fellow – Pigdon; Did this poet sit on a grinder? – Bardon Mill; Fewer to inter – Lesbury; A spell cast over meat – Hexham; Help king ten work (anag) – Kirkwhelpington; A boy in the valley – Allendale or Simonburn; A bet on the crossing – Stakeford; An animal and a stream – Otterburn; The thief’s home – Crookhouse; A heavy snake – Adderstone; Chomp around – Biteabout; Did the famous brothers live in mud? – Charlton Mires; Don’t ring wide (anag) – Widdrington; Clean animals found here – Sheepwash; This would give poor light – Lowick; Children loot new (anag) – Cornhill-on-Tweed; Left a mark – Brandon; Home to famous sisters – Mitford; Was he an angry young man – Percy Cross; Give credit to this flower – Craster; Take a quiet stroll here – Amble; Ten ton of husks – Branxton; A blemish from the East – Ewart; Misty container – Harbottle; An animal crossing – Hartford/Oxford.