BOWLS: Why not give it a try for free?

After a cold winter, spring is now here, and for lawn bowlers around Northumberland a new bowls season has started.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 6:00 am

Playing from April until September, bowlers from various clubs throughout the country, as well as our own county, will be taking party in their club competitions, friendly and league matches.

Bowls is a very friendly sport played at a leisurely pace, but at the same time exercising the body in a gentle way.

All clubs around the county are always on the look-out for new members, whether they be male or female, old or young.

Even if you have never bowled in your life, they will be only too happy to show you how to bowl and explain the rules.

A quick look on the internet at Bowls Northumberland gives you the contact numbers for your local club.

I bowl at Alnwick Bowling Club, which is in Dispensary Street, situated between Wilkinsons and the Pottergate Tower.

If anybody wishes to try bowling, I will be quite happy to show you how it is done, let you have a go, explain some of the rules, show you around the club’s facilities and explain what else we have to offer.

All this will be free, and after that if it is not for you then I will not be offended if you don’t wish to take it any further.

If you would like to try bowling, or would just like some information then call me on 07561 840576.

But remember, if after giving it a go you find it is not for you I will not be in the least bit offended.

I do not want to sell you something, I would just like to give you the experience of bowling, and the let you make your own mind up as to whether or not you would like to take it further.

Alan Sample,

Alnwick Bowling Club