Boundary changes to Northumberland’s area councils

Coun Richard Dodd
Coun Richard Dodd

Boundary changes to Northumberland’s new five local area councils have been agreed.

The new councils cover North Northumberland; Ashington and Blyth; Castle Morpeth; Tynedale and Cramlington; and Bedlington and Seaton Valley.

Each area is responsible for issues such as planning applications, road spending and petitions, bringing decision-making back to a more local level.

Since they were set up in May, local members have been consulted on the boundaries. At full council members agreed to move Stakeford Electoral Division into Castle Morpeth from Cramlington, Bedlington and Seaton Valley and also move Bothal Electoral Division from Castle Morpeth into Ashington and Blyth.

Coun Richard Dodd, the county council’s business chairman, said: “These councils are all about giving more power back to our communities and enabling decision-making at a local level.

“In the past we have had decisions made about towns and villages without people from those areas involved.

“We have previously said we would review the boundaries in the next six months to a year and make changes if necessary. We’ve listened to local members in Stakeford and Bothal and are happy to make these changes.”