Boulmer to lose part of educational facility

Part of a world-renowned centre of excellence for battlespace-management training will be moving from RAF Boulmer later this year.

Thursday, 7th June 2018, 1:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 10:25 am
The Freedom of the City was recently bestowed on RAF Boulmer, with a ceremony and parade in Newcastle.

Starting from October, the simulated elements of the School of Aerospace Battle Management (SABM), which provides air battlespace management training, will be relocating to RAF Shawbury, in Shropshire.

A spokesman at the Northumberland base said: “The move is in support of a significant step in the delivery of coherent defence aerospace battle management training.

“It will result in half of the school’s 100 personnel transferring to RAF Shawbury, with the other half remaining at RAF Boulmer.”

RAF Boulmer’s website states that its SABM is a worldwide centre of excellence on leading-edge battlespace-management training and education for the UK Armed Forces, NATO and other foreign national military personnel.

Speaking at Longhoughton Parish Council last month, Officer Commanding Support Wing Daz Bassett said that, while part of the SABM will be moving to RAF Shawbury, UK air defence will continue to be operated from Boulmer.

During the meeting, a resident inquired if there would be a further release of housing stock with the move of RAF personnel to Shawbury. The answer is uncertain, but unlikely.

In 2015, search and rescue provision ceased at RAF Boulmer, with the departure of the iconic yellow Sea Kings.

The Freedom of Newcastle was recently bestowed on RAF Boulmer.