Bottles’ innovative revamp set to ‘blow people’s minds’

Ye Olde Cross/The Dirty Bottles pub in Alnwick
Ye Olde Cross/The Dirty Bottles pub in Alnwick

A pub which has been closed for more than a year is set to reopen with a grand refurbishment and an innovative new business.

Mark Jones, owner of Alnwick’s I Won’t Tell nightclub and Amble’s Zecca restaurant, has now added the Dirty Bottles, officially called the Ye Olde Cross, to his portfolio.

And while Mark is being quite secretive about his grand plans for the pub in Alnwick’s Narrowgate, he has said it will be unique and will ‘blow people’s minds’.

The pub is set to open in the next few weeks, after a lick of paint and a tidy-up, to provide another venue for people over the festive period.

It will then close after New Year for a major refurbishment with the aim of re-opening at Easter. It will be re-branded as The Dirty Bottles when it opens for good.

Mark said: “We want to retain the charm and history of the bottles. But we have to accept that it has failed for a reason, we need to be innovative.

“That is what we are doing to bring people back to it. It’s going to be something pretty special, there are a couple of places like it in London but that’s it.

“The thing we are planning, I think, will blow people’s minds. People will still recognise it as the Dirty Bottles, but when they step inside it will feel completely different to what it used to.

“It’s kind of what I specialise in. We take places that have been closed for ages and get them back up and running.

“We did it with I Won’t Tell, Zecca and the Wellwood at Amble.”

Mark added that he decided to buy the pub after finding out that it was likely to be sold to a developer for flats or retail.

“I didn’t want to see a pub with 250 years of heritage behind it to be made into flats, it just didn’t seem right,” he said.

While the new venue will serve food, it will predominantly be a drinks venue and bedrooms upstairs are to be converted into letting rooms.

Up to around 10 full and part-time jobs will be created at the new venue.

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