Body of White Beaked Dolphin washes up on Northumberland coastline

A dolphin, which has sadly died, was found washed up on the rocks near the Jolly Fisherman in a rare sighting.

Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 9:37 am
The dolphin was found washed up on the coast. Photo: Howick Coastguard Rescue Team


At around 11.15am on Thursday, February 13, Humber Coastguard called Howick Coastguard Rescue Team with reports of a dead porpoise that had been spotted on the rocks near the Jolly Fisherman in Craster.

After a closer investigation, it was found that the body was actually a White Beaked Dolphin, which are very rarely seen washed up on our shores.

The dolphin's body has been collected by Newcastle University Marine Biology Dept for testing

A spokesperson for Howick Coastguard Rescue Team said: “Team members responded and took all necessary photographs and measurements to pass to the Natural History Museum for addition to the cetaceans strandings database.

“During data collection it was noticed that this wasn’t a porpoise as initially reported but in fact it’s believed to be a White Beaked Dolphin. Whilst this species is not unusual in the North Sea we get very few washed up on the Northumberland coastline.

“As the carcass was in good condition it was removed by Newcastle University Marine Biology Dept on behalf of CSIP for further investigation.”

These aquatic mammals are classed as “Royal Fish” and in most cases any of these strandings become legal property of the ‘Receiver Of Wrecks,’ an official who administers law dealing with these animals.

They discharge their function through the Coastguard so if dolphins, porpoises, whales and sturgeon are found stranded, alive or dead on our coastline, it is advised that you always call the Coastguard on 999.