Boarders bid for a place to skate

Rothbury skate Park committee
Rothbury skate Park committee

A GROUP of youngsters has launched an appeal to build a skate park in Rothbury.

The friends, all members of Rothbury and Coquetdale Youth Project, decided to embark on their quest because of their keen interest in skateboarding and roller-blading and a lack of facilities in north Northumberland.

Presenting their appeal to the parish council, Iain Russell, 23, who is spearheading the campaign, said: “A few years ago I was involved in trying to get a skate part in Rothbury,

“Around that time Alnwick District Council came up with a mobile skate park. But that is not going around anymore and it wasn’t sufficient anyway. So now we are working to try to get permanent one in the village.

“We’ve been to Morpeth to see how they went about getting their one and they were really helpful, especially with areas that we need to concentrate on.

“What we are really aiming for now is to generate interest and see how much interest there is in it.”

A committee of young people aged 18 to 23 has been set up to look into the appeal and they have already put petitions out around the village to gauge interest in the scheme.

“Over the next few weeks we’re also going to get petitions out in Thropton and Longframlington as well,” Iain added.

“There is no point in looking at locations or planning permission until we have more of an idea about the interest in it.

“There is also a youth club coffee morning in March which we will hopefully have a table at.”

And a page on social networking website Facebook, called the Rothbury Skatepark Appeal, has also been set up with more than 70 people liking it within the first week.

After the presentation, Coun Alan Fendley said: “I would like to compliment Iain on the quality of his presentation and the explanation so far.

“In principle I would like to support this very much, but we do need to know the level of demand.

I think if there is seen to be a demand on the basis of the petition we would have no question in supporting it.”

Coun Peter Dawson said: “I would support this in principle and I would welcome your return when you get feedback, which we hope is positive.”

Coun Joy Morton added: “I think it is a really good idea.”

The committee will come back to the parish council later in the year.