Bmburgh WI, November meeting

Joan Wright, the invited speaker to the November meeting of Bamburgh WI, delighted members new and old when she disclosed all the secrets from diaries she had discovered, written by a young lady from Outchester.

The social scene in those bygone days was truly hectic with balls, supper parties and weekends away staying in other large country houses.

The Bluebell Hotel in Belford held subscription balls on a regular basis which meant that you did not have to be invited but could pay for your ticket, allowing a real mix of country folk to attend.

Betting on many activities was very popular but money was only allowed to change hands at card games, other losing bets had to be honoured with pairs of gloves and on at least one occasion the young lady handed over many pairs.

It was truly entertaining trying to imagine the scene Joan was painting so vividly for us, so different from the Outchester and local area lifestyle we know today.

Coming back to the present, members were reminded that Bamburgh WI also has a busy social scene.

This month we have had the lunch club at Heighley Gate, a programme planning meeting and a walking group meeting. On Tuesday, December 4, there will be a Christmas table decoration workshop, all those taking part to bring secateurs or florist scissors with them. Wednesday, December 12, is our Christmas tea party with games, Christmas hats, risqué jokes and wheezes. Last but not least, Thursday, December 13, is the WI carol concert in Hexham Abbey.

Bamburgh WI wishes all fellow Institutes a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.