A bloomin' lovely job

Members of Alnwick Town Council have been planting in various parts of the town.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 10:30 am
Alnwick Town councillors Peter Edge and Martin Swinbank and former town councillor David Farrar.

Tree and bulb planting has taken place at the new roundabout along Willowburn Avenue, near to Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre.

Coun Peter Edge, who helped with the work, said that it was done to improve the safety and aesthetics in the area.

The initiative was done by the town council, through cooperation with Northumberland County Council.

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Daffodil bulbs have also been planted on the bank outside Alnwick Cemetery, along South Road.

Pictured, with Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre in the background, are town councillors Edge and Martin Swinbank, and former town councillor David Farrar.

Earlier this year, the Alnwick Raffle – which was the brainchild of Jonathan Park, from the town’s Halifax Community Bank branch – was held to raise money to purchase plants to spruce up various parts of Alnwick and some planting has already been done.