Bloodshed, riches and kings in first of historical trilogy

Edwin by Edoardo Albert
Edwin by Edoardo Albert

The history of Northumberland has provided rich pickings for historian and journalist Edoardo Albert.

While he was researching his non-fiction title Northumbria: The Lost Kingdom, he stumbled across the story of Edwin, one of its kings.

Now that story has been turned into his first fiction book, Edwin High King of Britain.

It is the first book in a trilogy, The Northumbrian Thrones, and centres around the exiled Northumbrian king Edwin.

Edoardo said: “When researching the history of Northumberland for my book Northumbria: the Lost Kingdom, I read about Edwin and the two succeeding Northumbrian high kings.

“I thought at once that this was such an extraordinary story that someone must have written. I checked, but no, I had the field clear, so I charged it.

“The result was the first in the Northumbrian Thrones trilogy.”

In his acknowledgments, Edoardo thanks Paul Gething, of the Bamburgh Research Project, who ‘taught me most of what I know about the Anglo-Saxons’.

The book follows Edwin after he has an unexpected encounter with a stranger who prophesises that he will ascend to greater heights than any of his forefathers.

Edwin High King of Britain is published by Lion Fiction on June 16, priced £7.99.