Black belt presented to jiu jitsu coach Thiago

Thiago Ferreira, along with over 300 other students, travelled at the weekend to the Checkmat BJJ grading being held at The Fight Zone Gym in London.

He went at the invite of his Professor, Marco Canha and the co-owner Master Rico Vieira, expecting to come home having met up with friends and having had a good day out.

After nearly three hours, students from white belts through to the black belts had received either stripes or new belts - it came to the last.

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Thiago’s name was called out, but much to his surprise, instead of receiving a stripe or two, he was honoured with his black belt for recognition of his achievements in competitions, within the TF Fitness gym , with his family and his students.

Thiago (centre) is now Berwick’s first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Professor.

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