Berwick WI

When a two player team from our institute was invited by Bamburgh WI to play croquet, we had no idea that the game had become so popular in the region.

Our coach, Joan Morgan of the Croquet North League, explained that teams from the area competed as far south as Durham.

Joan was a patient and informative coach, who guided us through the rules and gave us hints on various techniques to outmanoeuvre your opponents.

Ruth le Feaux and Joy Lamb quickly grasped the basics, beating Blyth WI by four ‘hoops’ to two.

A refreshment break in Bamburgh Pavilion gave us a chance to relive our table tennis skills before a second game of croquet.

We were soon to realise that the Shilbottle WI team were not to be a pushover. Their player, Pat Fisher, scored two vital points by putting two hoops with remarkable skill from a difficult angle.

The hire time of the green expired before the game was finished and saved us the embarrassment of getting trounced.