Berwick’s new MP: ‘Such an exciting moment’

‘It’s such an honour and forwards we go to Westminster’ was Conservative MP Anne-Marie Treveylan’s reaction today after winning the Berwick seat by almost 5,000 votes.

Reacting to her win, based on a turnout of 71 per cent, she said: “It’s such an exciting day personally, but being sent to Westminster by the people of Northumberland who I have worked with and campaigned for for the last 10 years is a truly humbling and exciting experience.

“Seeing a national majority when I don’t think any of us, let alone David Cameron, expected to get across that 326 line is more exciting. We have got a mandate to get on and build that ecomonic powerhouse that we want to see across the country and, for me particularly, to make sure the Northern Powerhouse comes as far as the border.”

Ms Trevelyan, who took a 41 per cent share of the vote, told the Gazette she had four key priorities for the constituency going forwards. “Getting that road started and making sure that we build the case for the investment for dualling the rest of the A1, making sure rural deprivation issues are dealt with in terms of funding because our rural areas often end up at the bottom of the heap, making sure that broadband is actually going to get to every part of our county and holding George Osborne to account on the Enterprise Zone he has committed to so that Amble, Alnwick and Berwick can draw in new business, technology businesses, manufacturing businesses, and we can see our economy grow in the northernmost part of the North East.”

The newly-elected MP added that she would try to work on behalf of all of her constituents over the next five years, regardless of whether they voted for her. “I’m here for everyone, always have been,” she said. “That’s what I do, I want to speak up for people who need help, representation or getting injustices sorted out.

“That’s what being the MP is all about, it’s the representative for the whole of north Northumberland from Berwick right down to Linton and Lynemouth and across all the way to Elsdon.”

A victorious Anne-Marie Trevelyan'Picture by Jane Coltman

A victorious Anne-Marie Trevelyan'Picture by Jane Coltman

Ms Trevelyan also thanked her ‘most amazing team of volunteers’ not only for their work over the past six months, but over the past eight years. “I’m sure we will be cracking open a bottle or two this afternoon,” she added.

I want to speak up for people who need help, representation or getting injustices sorted out.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP