Berwick Educational Association

The walls of the Windmill Bastion in Berwick.
The walls of the Windmill Bastion in Berwick.

Kristian Pedersen’s series on our local archaeology, Archaeology on your Doorstep, continued at Berwick upon Tweed Educational Association.

Members looked at how archaeologists use ‘grey literature’ or non published documentation produced by official surveys of land for a variety of purposes such as building development or geological survey.

All development within the walls of Berwick is subject to watching briefs and any would-be developer in such a culturally-rich area would be wise to budget for an associated archaeological investigation.

We also looked at the archaeological evidence for the development of Berwick to 1500, including the medieval settlement of Bondington, the early religious houses including the leper hospital at Spittal, and the early town walls of Edward II.

We had a short walk to the Bell Tower in the afternoon.

Alan Bennett, who famously allowed an old and destitute lady to live in her van on hisdriveway for 15 years, has been in the news again recently, with typically pithy, controversial and unfavourable comments at the Hay Festival comparing today’s attitudes to the poor and infirm with the practices in Tudor times.

This may add a certain frisson to Dr Richard Moore’s study day on An Introduction to the Plays of Alan Bennett on Saturday, for which there are still a few places available.

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